drawing by artist Sherrie L. Miller titled Love Bats – romantic gifts (detail)

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to revisit my old love of poetry and share it with others. So much poetry, after all, is inspired by love itself.  Continue reading


During my visit to the First Fridays art walk in Richmond, VA this past week, my partner and I came across an unexpected treat at Candela Books + Gallery. On display at this gallery was the work of Kahn & Selesnick, an artist duo working in photography, story telling art installation and performance. Continue reading

Stefan Zsaitsits

One of my very favorite artists alive today is Stefan Zsaitsits. Though I’ve never had the pleasure to see this Austrian-born artist’s work first hand, I still enjoy seeing his work online. I’m not sure when or how I first discovered him, but ever since then I have been inspired by the dreamlike and yet physical quality of his drawings on paper. Continue reading