“We are all the same beneath the skin. Interconnected, we share a primal intelligence of the natural world, while living in a state we dream into existence. Here, our physical manifestations become artifacts — transient clues to our narratives.” ~ SM

I grew up in rural Virginia where I began my love of art through drawing and writing. Focusing on the visual, I studied studio arts and art history in college. From there I went on to learn more about digital media. Cumulatively, my work in the different areas of painting, drawing, photography and design represent the varied aspects of my creative interests, with common themes related to metaphor, archetypes, identity and the human condition.

While continuing to explore these themes, I’ve recently been experimenting with the stylistic process of my art, working with patterns and addressing environmental concerns through a perspective combining the illustrative and the abstract.

drawing in progress, pencil on paper ©Sherrie Miller